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Static/Dynamic Pass box

Static/Dynamic Pass box:

Passboxes both static and Dynamic are required in the pharmaceutical industry to minimize men and materials movement; thus wide opening of doors are avoided. By using passbox with a double door one can reduce the air disturbance thereby maintaining pressure differentials within limit.

PR PHARMA ENGINEERS understand better the importance of differential pressures between rooms to avoid contamination and hence, while manufacturing the passboxes, proper care is always taken .


Salient Features:

  • MOC                      :  GI powder coated or S.S 304/316
  • Door                      :  Electro Magnet Interlocking
  • Blower                  :   Statically & Dynamically balanced
  • Power Supply      :   230V AC, 11∅, 50HZ
  • Interlocking         :   Programmable Time Delay on Either Side
  • Air Cleanliness    :  ISO 5/Class 100
  • Air Flow                :  Veritcal Down flow with Recirculation
  • Door Models       :  Straight Thru, “L”-Type, “T” - Type