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HEPA FILTER installation is the single most critical work in the entire pharmaceutical industry. The fitment accuracy will be checked periodically and it shall be ensured for the complete life of the filter.

PR PHAMRA ENGINEERS understand better the criticality of this installation. We are the first people to develop the filter housing which does not require any suspension from the true ceiling. The filter module can rest on the false ceiling panels (metal ceiling panels). Thus we avoided unnecessary suspension rods and left more space in service area. We are also in the process of developing the filter housing as well as light-fitting in the same module.

Our filter module does not require any tools either for the protection grill or for replacing the filter.

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Salient Features:

  • Made from CRCA sheet with powder coating
  • Suitable for flange as well as box type filter
  • Consist of ports for PAO test and P.D
  • Consists in built damper
  • No suspension required
  • Can be rested on walk able ceiling panels
  • Module can have top or side connection
  • Module with SMOKE INSERT facility
  • 100 % guarantee for fitment of filter with Housing .