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FILTERS need to be washed and dried and this is a common process in the Pharmaceutical industry. The drier should be capable of removing the moisture from the filter and also ensure that the filter does not get damaged.

PR PHARMA ENGINEERS manufacture filter driers which are capable of handling different type of filters in the same machine and at the same time.

These are suitable with hot water or steam as heating media. Our driers are fully programmed with automatic controls in various phases of the drying operation.

Our drier is based on a double-door concept and thus Unwashed filters and washed filters can be segregated.

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Salient Features:

  • Cleaned environment for Drying
  • 6 filters of 610x 610x310 mm can be dried in one      cycle
  • Approximate drying time is 45-55 min
  • Double door Operation
  • Elimination of Mix up for un cleaned / cleaned filters
  • SS trolley for loading filters
  • Pre- Programmed Operation
  • Available as Electrical and with hot Water Heating