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Grade ‘A’ Continuity

Grade ‘A’ Continuity:

Grade ‘A’ Continuity objective is to maintain the sterility of a component right from its origin and up to the final stage.Grade ‘A’ Continuity follows the logic of Active RABS

Grade ‘A’ Continuity Comprises:

  • Customised Frame-work around working area with “RABS”
  • Customised Locations for handling the equipment through “Glove Ports”
  • Ensures no human invention across Grade ‘A’
  • Mock-Up for every operation
  • Customized Material Transport System within Grade ‘A’

  • Salient Features :

  • Customized Frame Work
  • Customized Location for Glove Port
  • Maximum Visibility
  • No Human Intervention Across Grade ‘A’
  • Mock up for Every Operation
  • Customized Materials Carriers
  • Continuity lines